Software Compliance Testing for Workflows Using the Synthetic Biology Open Language


Data standards are integral for interoperability between software applications, since they provide guidelines for how data can be meaningfully exchanged and in a uniform manner. While standards provide a bridge for applications to share and translate data, they do not guarantee that applications are compatible to perform a data exchange or that any translated data is legal and valid. As such, data passed from pairing applications must be validated to ensure that the data was not transformed or lost in the process of exchanging information. Ideally we would want an exchange between tools that is automatically successful; however, the data translated might not be legal or valid any longer. Therefore, data exchanges between applications need to be evaluated under conditions to ensure that compliance with the standard is met. The proposed research is to develop a compliance methodology that tests compliance of applications against the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) standard. This research aims to provide a robust test suite, a TestRunner tool implementing the compliance strategy, and a demonstration of the created methodology.

Meher Samineni
Meher Samineni
REI, Software Engineer