Verification of delayed-reset domino circuits using ATACS


This paper discusses the application of the timing analysis tool ATACS to the high performance, self-resetting and delayed-reset domino circuits being designed at IBM’s Austin Research Laboratory. The tool, which was originally developed to deal with asynchronous circuits, is well suited to the self-resetting style since internally, a block of self-resetting or delayed-reset domino logic is asynchronous. The circuits are represented using timed event/level structures. These structures correspond very directly to gate level circuits, making the translation from a transistor schematic to a ℡ structure straightforward. The state-space explosion problem is mitigated using an algorithm based on partially ordered sets (POSETs). Results on a number of circuits from the recently published guTS (gigahertz unit Test Site) processor from IBM indicate that modules of significant size can be verified with ATACS using a level of abstraction that preserves the interesting timing properties of the circuit. Accurate circuit level verification allows the designer to include less margin in the design, which can lead to increased performance.

Proceedings. Fifth International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems