Chris Krieger

Chris Krieger

University of Maryland, Laboratory for Physical Sciences, Lead researcher

University of Utah

Christopher Krieger began his research career in Dr. Myer’s Asynchronous Circuits lab at the University of Utah as an MS student. He focused on asynchronous hardware systems, working particularly on extending the ATACS system to synthesize a wider range of systems. Krieger’s work enabled ATACS to efficiently add context variables to complete the state coding of a system, thereby removing ambiguity. This work allowed for the insertion of the minimum number of context variables by carefully choosing where to insert the variables and their transitions.

After graduation, Chris worked at Hewlett-Packard and Intel in their microprocessor design labs. He developed EDA tools for server microprocessors and worked as a microprocessor performance architect. Over his career, he worked on two HP PA-RISC® processors (8700/8800), 5 Itanium® processors, 1 Xeon® processor and 1 Atom® processor.

Chris returned to school and completed a PhD program in Computer Science at Colorado State University. His advisor was Dr. Michelle Strout. For his dissertation, Krieger researched a new programming language abstraction, called a loop chain. By identifying a group of loops as a loop chain, compilers and runtime optimizers can perform a variety of code and data transformations to improve locality (e.g. full sparse tiling), concurrency (shared memory autoparallelization), or arithmetic intensity (improved vectorization).

Dr. Krieger is now a lead researcher in the Advanced Computing Systems group at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences on the University of Maryland campus. He directs a team of researchers designing and evaluating custom and commercial hardware for machine learning and neuromorphic computing.


  • Asynchronous Circuits
  • Irregular Applications
  • Neuromorphic Computing


  • PhD in Computer Science, 2013

    Colorado State University

  • MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2002

    University of Utah

  • BS in Electrical Engineering, 1995